Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Design Study: MD-90 Pylon Flaps

Did you know the McDonnell-Douglas (ahem...Boeing) MD-90 has control surfaces that are not elevators, rudders, wing flaps, or ailerons?

Meet pylon flaps:

They are hydraulically powered, and are activated when the yoke is pushed near full forward position.  They aid in recovery from nose-high attitudes.  Presumably, the increased weight of the IAE V2500 engines in back makes nose-high recovery a bit more challenging than the MD-80 series with the comparatively lighter JT8D engines.

More views - from the side, from behind, and from below.

I'd love to see some photos of MD-90 pylon flaps deployed.  Anyone out there have access to an MD-90 maintenance hangar?  There may be beer in it for you.

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