Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Starships For Sale

If you're in the market for a Beechcraft Starship, you're in luck - two of the five in active service are presently on the market.

The first, N8285Q/NC-50, is listed for $1,400,000 in Washington state. The airframe has 2695 hours, and the seller points out that the "jet quiet" cabin is a third larger than a King Air 350 at 2/3 the price.

The second, N8244L/NC-29, is listed for $1,600,000 in Oklahoma City. It was a marketing plane for Beechcraft that was featured on many magazine covers stories and in many articles. It is the only Starship with the original factory N number. The airframe has a higher total time (3985 hours), but you won't care, because included in the sale is NC-43, a parts aircraft sans engines.

But wait - there's more!

The seller is also including "plenty of tires" and a third set of props. He/she also points out that has parts and support available to Starship owners.

If you love the Starship but can't quite swing the cash for one of these examples, be sure to explore Bob Scherer's site. There, you can find downloadable flight manuals, parts catalogs, wiring diagrams, and all kinds of historical information.

I also recommend picking up a copy of The Starship Diaries, by Dallas Kachan. It's a fictional account of a very successful Silicon Valley resident who purchases a Starship and then "slowly meanders around the planet with no fixed route, and no fixed return date."


  1. I am Intersted in your star Ship but I need to sell my oildrill rig first best regards Chuck

  2. The closest I'll get to ownership is being satisfied with my gorgeous Model of the Starship sitting in my den. However ten miles up I-10 near Tucson, sits 20 or more of the Starships at the Pinal Air Park waiting to be "crushed". Been told this is the final resting place for many a beautiful plane.

    1. that brings a tear to my left eye

    2. I fly out of KAVQ (Marana Regional) and there are only 5 left now (one was disassembled earlier this year). None of them work and my mechanic told me the owner uses them for parts to keep his flying. I have never seen a working one there though.

      Flew into KTRM (Thermal), near Palm Springs yesterday and a working one was parked at the FBO. After parking my plane I walked around it. I should have taken a picture. It was a really nice plane.

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  5. will buy just as soon as I win the powerball.

  6. Theres one in NLV , see it often

  7. What is the current situation with the availability of Starships? Are there any available for sale?