Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mexico's Air Force to Replace Pilatus PC-7 Fleet with Beechcraft T-6C+

As reported by Jane's earlier today, the Mexican Air Force has announced the purchase of six Beechcraft T-6C+ aircraft to be used as military trainers. The aircraft will come equipped with hard points, enabling them to carry external stores and weapons, though the latter are claimed to be intended for delivering practice rounds only.

(Image: Hawker-Beechcraft)

What is unclear at this time is how the role of the new T-6 fleet will compare with that of the relatively new Pilatus PC-9M fleet (photo). Considering that the PC-9 and (soon to be retired) PC-7 fleets are both reportedly utilized for combat and counter-insurgency, it would be surprising to see the wholly capable T-6C+ fleet limited to training duties. Time will tell.

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