Saturday, November 17, 2012

Associated Press Takes Sensationalism to a New Low

The Associated Press has stooped to a new low. 

On Friday, November 16th, a Cessna 172 was involved in a crash in Owl's Head, Maine that claimed the lives of three people. Tragic, to be sure. But to the associated press, perhaps not tragic enough.

This is a Cessna 172:

...and this is the photo the AP decided to run with the story:

See that twisted airliner carcass? Not only does it have absolutely nothing to do with Friday's Cessna crash in has nothing to do with any crash whatsoever. It is an old airliner fuselage being cut up and used for scrap metal.

But, apparently, the AP needed to frame the Cessna accident in as bloody a manner possible. Here are some additional bits of unnecessary sensationalism from their story:

"spiraled out of control"

"immediately burst into flames"

"With flames shooting 10 to 20 feet in the air and smoke billowing into the sky, the first people to the scene tried unsuccessfully to pull one of the occupants from the burning wreckage"

"The flames were hot enough to pop the airplane's tires"

Reporting can be accurate and factual without resorting to such blatant, obvious, and pathetic attempts to sensationalize such a tragic incident.

Perhaps it's time that the AP consider integrating taste and maturity into their reporting.

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